A quick trip to NASA

On Monday Mum and I went with my friend Emma to NASA.
 Emma's mum wanted some NASA hoodies, which, according to Emma, her mum thinks are the best thing since sliced bread and must be made by NASA engineers!!
Not wanting to do the 100 mile round trip by herself I gladly
volunteered our services.

Mum and I weren't allowed in without a ticket (and we weren't buying one for the ten minutes it would take to buy hoodies) so we went to use the restroom outside.
Unfortunately the sign said closed.  Please use inside restroom.

We had to leave my driving licence in exchange for a 45 minute pass.
It literally was a case of use the loo and then point at things and take a photo.  
It was "Quick stand here", snap, "stand here", snap.
It was quite a laugh actually.

Mum had the quickest visit to NASA, got some postcards and my drivers licence then left and headed to Kemah!!

We're not sure what this workman was doing but it looks like he's dancing!!


  1. Surely a visit to NASA is a must for every visitor, no matter how fleeting?


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