My friend Nancy invited mum and I to a tour of some
 Patio homes in the local neighbourhood of Cross Creek.
These are smaller one or one and a half story homes usually bought by people who are
downsizing. once their kids have left home etc.
Always one for a nosey around other peoples homes, who was I to say no?

Normally 3 bedrooms, 2/3 full bathrooms and a half bath (downstairs loo), double garage and an outdoor seating area and small garden.

Price range $487,500 - $534,500
I don't think I'll downsizing there any time soon!!

A view of the local area.  The patio homes are in the top right and most of them back onto a lake.
Click photo to enlarge.

The observation tower from where the above photo was taken.
And the Italian cafe where we stopped for lunch.

Nancy and Mum.


  1. You don't want a house on the lake, even if you can afford one ... think of all the mozzies!


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