The Teenager - Mum have you seen my sunglasses?
Me - No.  Where did you have them last?
The Teenager - I had them on when I cut the grass and I left them on your desk.
Me - Well I'll have a look but I haven't seen them.

Fast forward a week ...................

Me - Have you found those sunglasses yet?
The Teenager - No I've looked everywhere and can't find them.
Me - Have you checked that pig sty you call a room?
The Teenager - Yes I've looked but I can't see them.  They're definitely not there.
Me - Well keep looking.

Fast forward another week ............

The Teenager - Mum!!  You know my glasses?
Me - Yessss????
The Teenager - Well I've found them.  
They were behind the monitor on my desk and I just never saw them!

A classic case of "I'm looking but I'm not seeing".


  1. Haha, I can relate! In searching for my Raybans, I have found my "lost" Veterans' badge and my "lost" flip flops, but still no Raybans ...

  2. 'Seek and you will find'. !!!!


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