The Veterans Museum

On Tuesday we made our way to old Katy to visit the Heritage Museum only to find they had changed their opening times and were shut!!

Never mind!!  We'll go to the Veterans museum instead.

It's a small, local museum run by volunteer veterans.
They have two sections.  
One about the wars/battles since the Revolutionary war in 1776 up to today's fighting in Afghanistan.
 and one about each of the services.  Air Force, Army etc.

It's not a very big place and you could probably do it all in less than an hour, but our tour (just me and mum) was made more interesting by our tour guide Ralph.
A veteran of WWII.  US Navy serving in the Pacific.
He knew his stuff and was interested to hear the stories 
mum could tell him of life in the UK at that time.

It was well worth the visit.

After our tour we went for tea in the local tea parlour that's owned by a Scottish lady who's been in the US for over 20 years.  A proper cuppa!!


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