2015 Photographic Scavenger Hunt Pt 2

Rhinda at Gallo Organico is hosting another brilliant Scavenger Hunt this summer.
The original list list is posted here 
and here's what I have so far.

** 1 **
A bouquet of flowers in the local Drs waiting room

** 5 **
Architectural columns at the Fort Bend Museum

** 7 **
A Turtle - This is a leaf turtle in Houston Zoo

** 8 **

Someone plugged in to Social - The Teenager!

** 12 **

Public Restroom - The inside of the loo door at Houston Zoo

That's all for now.  More tomorrow :0)


  1. Love the door to the restroom! Would love to find something that interesting! You've got a great start!

  2. That bathroom door is fantastic!!! And lovely perspective on your photo with the columns.
    I am thinking about a trip to the zoo to capture the turtle and the carousel.


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