2015 Photographic Scavenger Hunt pt 3

More finds for the 2015 Scavenger Hunt

** 6 **

A metal bridge - Saw this on the way into Houston

** 13 **

A Merry Go Round/Carousel - In the kiddies play area, Houston Zoo

** 14 **

A traffic signal - Mum with one of the local sign posts!

**  15 **

A flag pole with at least three flags on it - Seen on the side of the I10 heading into town.
Thanks mum for spotting it x


  1. Great finds. I'm having trouble with the three flags.

  2. Love the subjects - shame someone got in on the traffic sign photo!! Expression makes me think she was worried about the creepy crawlies!

  3. If only we flew flags more often in the UK! Think I'll struggle with that one!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to discover that flying one flag or flying more than one is a cultural thing. We simply do not see them with more than one flag in the UK but now that I have looked at the pictures from our trip to Atlanta (OMG that was 15 years ago!) I realise it is very common in the USA

  5. These are great - I love, love, love the carousel. And what an unusual bridge!
    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Still looking for three flags on a pole! Well done!

  7. Love this - you've inspired me to have a bash at it this year :)


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