2015 Photographic Scavenger Hunt pt 4

The final finds for this week in the summer scavenger hunt.

** 16 **

A panoramic view taken whilst standing somewhere high in the air -
This is a view of the local area taken from the viewing tower in the visitor's centre
and is as high as I'm prepared to go to get a photo!!!!

** 17 **

At least two people wearing matching outfits or uniforms -
I think this photo of the Teenagers Graduating class covers that one!!
There were approx 900 students!!

Click on photo to enlarge

** 19 **

A ticket booth - the entrance to the zoo.


  1. The graduation photo is a brilliant take on the prompt

  2. the first picture could qualify for the open body of water picture too

  3. Great photos, love the bridge. BJ


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