4th of July

This year we chose not to go to La Centerra to watch the fireworks
as it took nearly 2 hours to get home last year.

This year we went out for dinner at Saltgrass steak house
then went to the local town of Fulshear 
and joined in with the festivities there.

There were stalls and vintage cars, fire trucks and
country music.

Lime green Maserati Liz?
Don't mind if I do  :0)

Oh but what about a little red Corvette?
Oh go on then :0)

 John off for a mooch 

Country music provided by the Highwaymen.  Even the Teenager sang along to Johnny Cash!!

and AwEsOmE fireworks.

and we managed to make it home in half an hour.

Next year I think we'll have a BBQ and watch the neighbours fireworks as they went on till midnight!!


  1. Next year, invite the neighbours!

  2. Y'all American now Liz :)

  3. A true American evening - and thumbs up for singing along with a Johnny Cash song!


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