Caught on Camera

It's great having another photographer in the family.
Just look at how many photos my sister managed to take 
of the Teenager whilst she was here.

In front of a B17 at the Loan Star Flight Museum - Galveston.

Kemah boardwalk with his Mom!!

Fishing at the pond across the road.

Out for dinner with his cousin .

Posing for Granny!!!!!

At NASA.  OK so I took this one but I had to put it in
 as he stood still long enough for me to take one.

Not bad for a three week stay!!
I normally end up with this


  1. All good. The very candid photo of him fishing is stellar! I totally get the camera shy thing, I hate having my photo taken and yet I like to photograph everything and everyone.

  2. There are enough photos to make an album! All great.


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