Comfy feet

I don't know about you but the older I get the more I need
comfy feet.
Being in the warmth of Texas, it's not always ideal
to wear slippers, despite how comfy they are.

Your feet just get toooooooo hot and you end up taking them off.

Imagine having flip flop slippers!!
Comfy enough so you feet sigh with the soft, fluffiness of them
and open toes so you don't over heat.

Foot heaven J

I Love Texas ♥♥♥


  1. I'm thinking you might want to get out more .... x

  2. Oy cheeky! I do get out more. That's why my feet ache. Too much dancing and walking :0)

  3. They look perfect. No good for me because at my age I can sometimes fall out of flip flops!!!!!! (:

  4. Those open toe flip flops look great! I wear flip flops around the house in the UK and those fleecy ones would be great for the winter months. I hate having my toes restricted!!! :-)


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