2015 Line Dancing Jamboree

San Antonio, Texas 9 - 11 October 2015
Line Dancing Jamboree


What a great bunch these ladies are.  It was really great to spend the weekend with them.
There are some in this picture who won't be here next year, such is the nature
of the oil industry.

It's a shame Ester and I look like aliens!!

 On the Friday afternoon there was a Meet and Greet and of course line dancing.
The blonde lady is Kim our instructor.  She's been dancing for about 20 years
and there isn't really a dance she doesn't know or can't pick up in five minutes.

The rest of us have to follow each other until we remember which dance it is and what the steps are.

There were lots of nice comments on how smart we all looked in out matching t-shirts.
Probably because with 18 of us we were the biggest group there.

After the Meet and Greet there was a two hour break before more dancing but we decided that due to 
the volume of traffic and the distance back to the venue 
we would stay put and have our own dance evening.
This included that well know line dance - The Slosh!!

In between dancing there was time for chatting and a few glasses of vino.

For the "Younger" girls there was also time for a spot of head banging.

 After a late night with not a lot of sleep, (due to cold feet for me), we were
up and about ready to leave at 8.30am.

Saturday saw us at the Cowboy Dance Hall.

With smart red t-shirts for the day.

The dance floor was huge but with soooooo many people we chose a spot to one side.
It started at 10am and went on till 5pm.  Lunch was included but Startbucks was sought out
due to the air conditioning only being at 65◦F.
Even with our cardy's on it was freezing. 
One lady had a hoody, her scarf and her gloves on it was so cold.

 They did eventually turn it off/up and it warmed up nicely after lunch.
Later in the afternoon we ended up being the only ones there and had the dance floor to ourselves
By the time we left at 5pm it was a lot warmer!

 Some of us decided to leave after dinner and head back home.  Some stayed and played silly games and had a great laugh before heading home on Sunday.

It was an amazing weekend and I'm definitely going next year.  If I have a job by them I'll just let them know that I have already booked a weekend away.
It's in Lake Conroe, Houston next year so John said he'd come up too but spend the weekend fishing.
Sounds like a good idea to me.


  1. Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all.

  2. Who'd have thunk it!! Looks like you had a blast and roll on next year ...


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