Job Hunting

It seems I'm a little out of practice at job hunting.
Having left school in 1983 and only having had three jobs since then,
I think I've forgotten how the process works.
It used to be, you filled out an application (in writing), sent it off in the mail,
waited until the closing date and then counted the days until 
a letter arrived with either
bad news (no interview) or good new (please come and see us on....).

Nowadays it seems it's all done on-line with pages and pages of questions 
(some relevant some not so).  You submit your application on line, 
you get an e-mail - thanks for your application and then you get..............
No e-mail, no letter, not even a phone call.
Not a Dickey-bird!

I have recently applied for 15 jobs.  Yes 15.
So far I've had one quick chat on the phone followed 
a week later by an e-mail saying 
"Sorry you are not a fit at this time"!!
What does that even mean?
How can you tell if someone is suitable for a job 
without even seeing them face to face?

Bring back the old system - Please!!


  1. Fingers crossed something will turn up. Seasonal work at Kroger, perhaps?????

  2. Seems the old system has gone for ever - who says that change is always a good things? Hope that something turns up before too long

  3. Ah yes the times they do change. I have been through both sides of the job hunt. I recently was in the hiring role, SO many resumes came through. I have to admit that I weeded out those with spelling & grammar errors first, that made for a more manageable list. Then I conducted telephone interviews first & after that I had 3 come in for interviews. It is a lot of work & I let everyone that was not chosen know with a follow up phone call. I also said why not. I am sending you lots & lots of positive energy for a successful call back - sure you don't want to move to Canada? (lol).

  4. Good luck with the job hunting although I'd stick to being a lady who lunches - and walks and dances and has coffee - that sounds much more fun! :)


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