The Giving Tree

Every December, back in Scotland, I would take a walk into
Elgin and visit the Giving Tree in the Giles Center.
The tree would be covered in envelopes and each one would 
have a child's name and age on it.
These children were all children in care or without families at Christmas.
Some were as young as babies and some others were as old as 19/20.
Each year I would pick a card with a boys name on it, the same age as the Teenager.
I would then pick a card for a boy of 18 or 19.  Just because.
I then bought and wrapped a present and handed it back to the Giles Center who then
passed on the presents to the Social Work department.

They don't have that kind of thing here as Houston is just so big.
But what they do have is a radio station that host's it's own Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree

KSBJ Houston is a Christian based music station that, every year, hosts the Giving Tree.

Launched over 20 years ago, the KSBJ Giving Tree connects families, with needs, to individuals and families who would like to help meet those needs by providing gifts to the “nominated” family.

Lori is a member of our line dancing group and works at KSBJ.  She asked if the group would help and the ladies very kindly volunteered to help a family this year.

Our 2015 family

This is a single father.
He works full time - but funds are tight.
He has 3 kids still at home.
Boy – Anakin - 15
Boy – Matthew - 9
Girl – Maddison – 8

I thought we’d buy something for the oldest boy as he’s nearest the Teenager’s age.  All he asked for was some clothes and a set of headphones.  As I didn’t know what kind of headphones he needed I bought some clothes.
1 x pair of jeans
2 x polo shirts

All things any 15 year old boy could wear.
I hope he likes them.

Do you do anything similar in your town?


  1. It feels good to give back doesn't it, especially at Christmas. We have several to choose from, I usually pick a family from The Salvation Army List because as a kid, they were the ones that mostly made our Christmas happen. We aren't given an details about the family. I also pick an animal rescue, this year we donated to the rescue where we got our fur girls from.


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