I was a bit of a loose end yesterday and needed something to do.
Something easy, but fun to make.
I decided on giant snowflakes.

It's amazing what you can make with some printer paper,
sellotape and staples.

ETA:  This is the link if you want to make your own


  1. Huge! Where are you hanging them?

  2. Fantastic! did you use a pattern? although I know with all my thumbs I'd stab myself with scissors ...

  3. They look great, might give it a go - don't think mine will look as nice though! I tried something similar a few years ago but they ended up nothing like yours! lol X

  4. I make at least one of those paper snowflakes each winter; a friend showed me how about ten years ago. Yours is the first I've seen on a blog. Way to go!


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