The Scent of Christmas

I stole the idea for today's post from my sister Ruth
Like her we have lots of candles around our home which seem to be more decorative than useful.
We do have a cupboard full of tea lights and candles (plus torches in case of a power cut) 
but never seem to bring them out and light them.

We have several things around the house that have a Christmassy scent
the first being our newest candle.  Kitchen Spice.  I has that subtle Christmas smell without going overboard on cinnamon.

We also have pot pourri. It's called Orange Spice
and smells divine.

and lastly no Christmas would be complete without pine cones.
These have a really lovely light cinnamon smell.

All in all.  It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!!


  1. I like that our houses probably smell similar, even though we're so far apart.

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