A new project

Hubby can't sit still.  He has to be doing something.
Today we took a trip to our favourite garden center
(along with half of Katy) and look what I saw..............

Oh how I would love one of these for the garden.
How cute are those chickens?

or these?

Hubby very casually said " I could make one of those".
and guess what?  Yep I challenged him to make me one.
He also said he could make me a Mail box, some toadstools 

and a wire tree with coloured beads on it like this one.

And he said these would be easy to make if I wanted a bird table!!

looks like he might be busy in the next few months :0)


  1. Cute factor X ten. Really like those twig bird houses.

  2. That's enough to keep him busy until the end of the year!

  3. Wow, what a great set of ideas. I would be happy with any of those in my garden too. X

  4. Well now, that's some great timing to find him so open to new whimsical ideas!


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