Alligator spotting

John and I braved the Easter Sunday queues and headed down to Brazos Bend State Park
for a little bit of alligator spotting.
And we weren't disappointed.

There were some that, thankfully, were on the opposite bank.

and some that were right under the jetty.

There were babies (approx 2 years old) hiding well out of the way of the BIG monsters.

Some that were trying to hide (and failing miserably)

and some that had guests.

There was a Northern Green Frog

which apparently is a delicacy for the adult Broad Banded Water Snake.
This one, luckily for the frog, was a juvenile.
It's also the first snake I've seen since moving here in 2014.

There was my favourite bird of the day.
The Great Egret.

 Click on the photo to see his/her eye colour.

and a few photo opportunities when we were grateful for the big lens on the camera.

Although I think John still got too close at times.

There were a lot of people around it was easy to forget that although they were lying quietly,
they were still wild animals capable of inflicting great harm.

Brazos is such a great place to visit.  But it's so much nicer when half
 of Houston aren't there for Easter Sunday.
We're going back in a few weeks.
John wants to see the big 12 footer up close and personal!!


  1. No No No to the gater beasts (good photos) The Great White Egret is stunningly beautiful & the green band under his eye - well Nature is amazing.


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