It amazes me that you can have friends around the world 
that you have never met. 
You have never me them but they know just how to make you feel better when something heartbreaking happens.
This past two weeks I have had several cards from friends and family.
I've also had cards from people I don't know.
Mary-Lou from Patio Postcards sent me a lovely card that said
"Liz:  wanting to be sure you get some happy mail.  There is no magic to be used as you navigate this uncharted journey of losing your mum.  Those of us that have made the journey before can only be the lighthouse to aid you so you don't get lost.  Thinking of you"

I also got a card from one of Mum's penfriends, Bobbi in Wisconsin that had a Lighthouse of the front.  It said
"Her first letter to me was from April 1977.  Many years of friendly letters I enjoyed about her and all the family.  I shall miss hearing from her.  Please give my sympathy to David and Ruth's families also."

Two lighthouses in the same week to guide us through the years.
Thank you ladies for your caring thoughts for me and my family.


  1. That's a lovely sentiment from Mary-Lou. x

  2. You are very welcome. WOW that is the Universe speaking - a lighthouse theme & neither of us knew. I continue to be so amazed, blessed & thankful for the blog sphere connections.


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