It was always nice to go across to the mail box and find a "proper" letter in it.
Mum had sent soooooooo many letters, cards and postcards in the last 18 months
that it makes my sad to think that there will be 
no more letters in her lovely handwriting.
Unlike me, Mum always hand wrote her letters.
I'll admit to having tears in my eyes when I saw this pile of letters next to my desk.

Today I went to collect the mail and after having not picked it up for two days this is what I found.

1.  A huge pile of leaflets for discounts off goods and shopping coupons.
2.  Two bills.
3.  A letter re taking out Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance!
4.  A leaflet for 15% off a DIY store.
5.  A leaflet from our medical insurance company.
6.  $500 to me if I change banks.
7.  A letter telling me, as a valued customer, I can upgrade the TV package.
8.  Two bank statements.  One for me and one for the Teenager.
9.  One pay slip - John.
10.  Two pre-approved credit cards. (if I really want one).
11.  One pre-paid visa for $100 if I activate a Verizon wireless tablet or smartphone.
12.  $250 bonus if I swap electric companies.
13.  Information re John's work credit card.
14. A 25% off at Palais Royal leaflet.
15.  Two letter from the bank in the UK (even though we've told them we are paperless).
16.  A catalogue from Boden.

I miss those letters and will for a long time to come.


  1. Your post, which I am reading on Friday, does tie in with Miriam's 6 words, 1 photo theme - Write. So many of us are missing the personal touch that comes with a letter, a note or a card. I believe there's a new type of club forming up in the Universe's energy

  2. That's a hard one, no doubt about it x


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