Katy Floods 2016

My Monday "Snow Day" turned into a "Snow Week"
and here's why.
On Sunday night/Monday morning 16" of rain fell over the Houston area causing
flooding to 1000s of homes and closing businesses and all the schools in the surrounding areas.

The Bayous couldn't cope with the sudden downpour and burst their banks into Old Katy,

along the road I travel to work on

and around work itself.

George Bush Park, where I went with the walking group is completely under water
and will be for weeks to come.

There are signs up everywhere about High Water yet people still drive around the barriers 
and end up stranded or worse.
Kids are playing in the flood waters which are now home to alligators and snakes 
not to mention sewage!!

So far there have been 8 deaths.
Lets hope there are no more.
More rain forecast for next week.


  1. Yikes! That is a lot of water ... stay safe. x

  2. Oh my, what a mess. Saying a little prayer that the weather forecast is wrong - and wishing you sunshine and breezy days to dry things out.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is a LOT of rain! Hope it starts to drain away soon.

  4. Hoping everyone is safe now & that waters have started to recede.


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