Memorandum Monday

Today I'm linking up with Sian at From High in the Sky.
Something I learned over the weekend.

When you're feeling sad, or worried and stressed by life
it's OK to go out, meet friends and dance.


That's what I did on Saturday night.  I went to the Line Dancing Social, I met up with friends I haven't seen in a few months and I danced my heart out.
And I felt better for it.


  1. There's something about dancing and getting caught up in the music that is good for the soul. I'm pleased you came home feeling a lot better than when you left.

  2. Sounds like a really good way to reconnect with your joy.

  3. That is a fun thing to do with friends, good for you!

  4. Well that's good to hear. I hope you can do the same thing again soon

  5. And it was free, which makes it even better!


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