The new edition of Country Living landed on the mat this week.
Well OK it was in the mail box but you know what I mean.

It is full of wonderful pictures of porches and fantastic decorations.

Can you just picture yourself sitting on one of those porch swings with a good book and an
ice cold drink on a hot day?  

There are grand porches with plants that match the colour of the front door.

small porches, all so totally delightful that it makes you want to move to 
Serenbe, Georgia.

 and lake side porches where you could quite easily while away a few hours on a Sunday.

There is an art to decorating porches and making them look amazing.
It's like an extension to the house.

It would be great to have an area like this to sit at night and have a wee glass of wine and watch the world go by.  Unfortunately, here in Texas it is just too hot and humid to sit out in the summer.
But I can still dream.


  1. Ooo, lots of eye candy here. I'd love a little bungalow with a bitsy porch!

  2. They are lovely, aren't they? Mind you, I would worry that the things I put out on the porch might be stolen!


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