Snow Day!!

OK so maybe not a snow day but a day off due to the storms and the roads being flooded.
What to do on an unexpected day off?

Scrapbooking.  What else?

I haven't done any layouts since summer last year.
I still need title for this one.


  1. No reason ever needed to scrapbook ... enjoy the day off!

  2. I see you still have your 'work cup' :)

  3. I am liking your unexpected day off plans. The fore front layout is very nice - he does look very pensive & thoughtful.

  4. Your work place full of art things. Cheerful cup fits perfect to your atmosphere.

  5. Your space looks very tranquil ... How lovely to have the gift of a scrapbooking day!

  6. Layout looks good - can't wait to see the title work.


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