Chase Tower

So hubby and I were out and about again this week.
This time I thought I would be brave and take a trip up 60 floors to the 
observation area of the Chase Tower in Houston.
It's the highest building in Houston at 75 floors.

You can see which floor it is from ground level as the windows are bigger.

I checked out the opening times on the website and got the directions for downtown.
We set off to travel the 30 miles so I could scare myself from a great height!!
The area around the tower is nothing spectacular.  Just businesses, a few bars
and lots of building work.

After finding a car park and paying the extortionate amount of $14.00 for parking
we arrived at the tower.
You have to check in with the security desk so after psyching myself up about the height
I was about to go up too, I went to the check-in desk.
Only to be told "Oh I'm sorry ma'am the observation area is closed today".
  Their own website said it was open and even gave the times.
Not happy at all.

We had to check out the height of the tower - from ground level.

It was interesting to check out the other buildings and
like a lot of cities now, the old is dwarfed by the new.

and they all seem very shiny.

Another day not as planned but interesting to see and it has taught me something.
I really don't like city living.
Give me the countryside any day.


  1. Oh dear, after all that effort!

  2. The last photo is quite nice, the clouds blend in so well with the reflection. I like the old buildings rather than the new glass & steel. I could never get Mr Man up that many floors. We have another big eye appt visit to Toronto this week - I dread the rush of the city, so I am with you on living in the country.


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