Day Trip

Last week John and I decided to take a short trip, 30 miles up the road 
to visit Stephen F Austin State Park.
The drive there is pretty unspectacular as it's straight along the I10 
and there is nothing to see except really bad drivers.
We got there in good time only to find, that after the recent rains it was closed to the public.
Not one to give up and go straight home we took a detour and headed to Brookwood.

The sun was out and it was really peaceful.

 The flowers were blooming but I decided against buying any 
as they all seem to wilt if I have to look after them!!

The cacti looked great all stacked together and I'm sure in a garden that
doesn't look like a football pitch they would look amazing.

We had a quick look around the shop then headed back home.
After driving straight past the turning to go home John
decided to tell me that we were going to Olive Garden for lunch.
The chicken and Gnocchi soup was amazing.

Sometimes when you're original plans go awry
you can still have a good day out.


  1. Oh I rarely get life in Plan A. I think most of the fun is found in Plan B or Plan F. Pretty flowers & the cacti look so healthy.

  2. You should have a wee cacti garden, as you're in Texas, an' all!

  3. Any outing ending at Olive Garden is a whole blown success in my book!


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