Garden tidy up

Hubby and I popped into our favourite Garden Center last weekend.
I love this place.  It's so quaint and full of interesting nik naks.
But Oh! it was soooo hot.
The temperature said 95F - but feels like 114F.
I think they could have been right.

We bought some hardy plants that will survive both the Texas weather 
and me having to look after them.

John spent two days planting them out and putting in a new sprinkler system
(he obviously knows how bad I am at watering)
and the flower bed looks great.

I helped out by cleaning the patio furniture and getting the cushions out.
Every little helps.

The garden know looks summer ready and will have visitors in the not too distant future.


  1. Looking very nice in your garden - I like that big pot artfully placed in the garden. Now just to add those wine bottle lights ... hopefully your guests will do their part with helping out for the creation of more wine bottle lights.

  2. Summer ready - what sweet words those are. Looks fab!

  3. The garden does look lovely and I don't envy you working in that heat!


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