Stress Buster

It's been a bit of a stressful two days.
What with the teenager being sick and off work,
John doing something to his shoulder/neck and being in a lot of pain,
and waiting to hear news that will determine what happens in the next few months.

Then we get this photo from John's son in the UK.

Welcome to Grandbaby Lee.
Born 27 June 2016,
weighing 9lbs 2oz.

How could this cute wee thing not help get rid of your stress?


  1. He's beautiful Liz. Congratulations - and I love his wee star wars outfit, so cute! Hope you are well x

  2. Congratulations - his arrival comes at a time when hope for positive future results is needed. I will send lots of healing energy thoughts for the men at home in pain or distress. Ah such a sweet little man in his R2D2 outfit.

  3. Oh how wonderful, Congratulations :) He is a bonnie wee boy, babies make you feel so much better!


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