Hong Kong Market

John's ongoing search for Prawn Crackers took us to Chinatown in Houston
and to the Hong Kong Market.

The smell inside immediately took me back to Kowloon in the early 1970s.

There was strange fish in buckets.  I think these are Cuttlefish but I'm not sure.

Lots of interesting looking vegetables

and roots

and three whole isles dedicated to "Noodles"

We spent ages looking around and trying to figure out what things were.
We came back with veg, fish and sauces.

No Prawn Crackers :( 


  1. yup, those are cuttlefish. I quite like fish to eat but squid, octopus and cuttlefish have never been top of my list.

  2. That place is enormous! And more finds for Rinda's list ...

  3. That is a big market, that is a lot of types of noodles, that is an ugly skinned looking fish.

  4. What a delightfully colorful market.


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