Houston Museum of Natural Science | Sugarland

Teenage one was working again today and I didn't fancy doing the ironing
so hubby and I used a Groupon voucher for a local museum.
Yes!!  I know.  You have to pay to get into a museum here and it's not cheap!! 

We went to the Natural Science Museum in Sugarland.
Thankfully we didn't pay much as we were in and out in an hour and that was with us having a go on all the touchy feely exhibits for the kids!!

There was Petrified wood, which is amazing.

Strange looking crystals.  I like this one as the bit on the right looks like a Hedgehog.

These Citrine geodes were huge (which is why that lady is sneakily on the left so you can see how big!!)

 There was a T Rex

 and a Stegosaurus

and I had great fun with sound waves and polystyrene balls

After spreading it out over an hour we picked up a coffee and a sandwich and had lunch in a nearby park.  We weren't there long as the temperature was 98C.
A bit too warm and humid for a picnic!!


  1. And the Dinos fit the bill for a skeleton on Rinda's list.

  2. Those are some very cool petrified wood slices. We have the shock of visitors when I say we need to pay to get into the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) & then the shock increases when they see the cost! Our local museum asks for a donation & I will say most everyone is very generous.


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