Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016.
You have been a strange year.

A year of sad times but also happy moments.
A year of upset and re-thinking.
A year of uprooting but not setting down new roots.
A year of unkindness and also unexpected kindness.
A year for crying but also laughing.
A year of loneliness but also of belonging.
A year of starting again but also waiting to start.
A year of feeling loved.

Goodbye 2016.  
I am not sorry to see you go.


  1. I am most happy to see a blog post from you Liz. I wish you a better year than 2016. I know there are probably lots of positive things to say & I am sure you have already heard them, 2017 is a new start & it's the year of the rooster so with any luck, any hope, we will all have something to crow about this year. You have started with the lighthouse, let that be your guide, for there is always light to be found.

  2. You know, Mary Lou talks a lot of sense ...

  3. Good to see you posting, and that's a very striking photo. I feel the same about your last two lines ... Hoping there will be happier and better times ahead for you in 2017.

  4. I do hope that 2017 is more settled and holds happier times for you.

  5. Sending positive thoughts for 2017 X


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