Summer 2016 Pt 10

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

We found this little gem by accident.
I was looking for something to do on the way either to of from Phoenix.
This popped up on my search page.

Despite the fact it was 111 degrees F the day we went it was soooo worth it.

 We got to feed....
The donkeys

the deer

the Budgies (or as the Americans like to call them - Parakeets)

The goats up high

the goats down low

and the ostrich.

Vicious things that they are.

It seems we had an ostrich whisperer with us!

There were ducks to be fed

and pretty sheep

and our favourite of all
the Lorakeets

We were given a little pot of nectar each

and told to keep the lid on, hold it out at arms length

and wait!!

Once they had finished the nectar they like to lick your skin!!

If it hadn't been so hot and we hadn't got a flight to catch I could have stayed a while longer.

♥♥♥ I love, love, loved it ♥♥♥


  1. That looks a great wee place Liz, love the birds. Hope you are well X

  2. Donkeys are very cool dudes, we visit our local donkey rescue often. The Lorakeets are such beautiful birds. I like that Budgies come in different colours. Goats high in the sky - what's that all about?


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