Summer 2016 Pt 6

Next stop on the whistle stop tour of Tucson
was Pima Air and Space Museum

The best way to describe this place is
"A HUGE Parking Lot of Aircraft"

Nearly 300 aircraft spread out over 80 acres on a 127 acre campus.
That's a lot of planes!

Here are a few of my favourite.

The Shackleton

The Lightning

The B17

SR-71 Blackbird

and The Bumblebee

It was another extremely hot day and I may have gotten a bit grumpy with some of the people on the tour.  Especially the lady who hijacked the tram and proceeded to take a very loud  phone call whilst the driver was giving his talk. The cheek of the woman!  We'd paid for that tour and her family had just jumped on later as it was hot and they didn't want to walk.

I was fine after a cold drink and something to eat.
I'm not sure if she finished her phone call!!