Summer 2016 Pt 7

Sabino Canyon
at the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains
in the Coronado National Forest

We took the 45 minute, 3.8 mile educational tram tour up through Sabino Canyon.
It is exactly like the cowboy movies of old.

You half expect the Indians to be looking down on you from Turtle Mountain.

Apologies that should be Native Americans.

The scenery is amazing and it was really interesting to find out that the
Saguaro cactus don't grow anywhere above 3000 feet.

We decided to walk the last mile down the canyon and stop for a few photos.

We dodged a few prickly bushes and put someone on 
Rattle snake watch but managed to get a few pictures.

The last half mile really did me in and when we got back to the visitors centre it was a dark, air conditioned room for me with two bottles of ice cold water shoved down my shirt.

It did the trick and I was right as rain in no time.


  1. Your photos show off the beauty off the area. At first glace you would think desolate, but such a raw beauty to be found. Two bottles down the front - ha ha ha. I remember once watching a show that told how to survive in the desert with only cactus for a water supply - you slice the branches (arms) off & suck out the fluid. They never did tell how to get beyond the prickles ...


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