Summer 2016 Pt 8

Mission San Xavier del Bac
White Dove of the Desert

This little gem is literally in the middle of nowhere.
9 miles outside Tucson to be exact. 
Founded in 1692 the construction of the current church was started in 1783 and finished in 1797.
It still has that old world charm about it.

It is still used as a church every week.
They don't rent it out
and they won't let it be used in movies or commercials.

You can read all about the Mission and it's history here.

Hubby wasn't overly impressed by it.  Heathen that he is.
His favourite thing about it?

Prairie Dogs!!


  1. What a beautiful church - not sure why, but it makes me feel happy that they aren't selling out to allowing the church to be used in movies. We have P-dogs in some form or other in all provinces, but I have to admit the cutest ones are in Alberta.


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