5 in 5 - January 2018

In an attempt to get back into blogging I am joining in with Sandi at Itchifingers and her "5 in 5 on the 5th."

The idea is that on the 5th of each month you post five photos you have taken in 5 minutes.

I basically had no idea what I was going to take photos of .  There is only so much you can snap at when you're doing the housework.  Luckily the opportunity came whilst in the store buying green beans!!

 I turned my back for 5 minutes and found hubby lurking in the reduced isle.

::  Christmas sweets reduced for a quick sale

:: Christmas cards and crackers half price

:: And wrapping paper for a bargain.

BUT................ on the other side of the isle...................

::  Easter Eggs!!  What?

::  Surely not.  It's far too early.