Crochet Mojo

Living in Texas for two years I had very little need for woolly blankets so I didn't crochet much at all. (I did start the red, white & blue blanket but it is still sitting in a bag waiting to be finished).

Last winter I didn't feel like doing much at all but last week I suddenly thought I'd like to give it another go.

Lucy at Attic 24 is hosting a Crochet-a-long (CAL), lasting 6 weeks and involving the most gorgeous Autumn colours.  Having had a nosey at what other ladies had been up to I couldn't wait to get started.

Lucy had opted for a new ripple pattern (see below) but as I was just getting back into the swing of things I decided on her Cosy Stripe pattern.

I took a page out of Lucy's book and wrapped the wool around some pegs.  It seemed like a strange thing to do but I quickly realised that when you have 15 colours to chose from and the label is no longer on the ball it helps to know what your colours are!!

Whereas Lucy has gone for a random colour selection I've chosen a rainbow effect.

Apart from the brown stripe at the bottom, which I'm not too keen on at the moment, I'm really loving the effect.  Maybe it will look better once I add another brown row.

I've also discovered, after crocheting for the last 9 years, that I really prefer to do stripes instead of granny squares.. There is a lot less changing of colours and sewing in ends!

I'm a little behind with the Woodland CAL but I'm hoping to catch up in February when I have a week off work :)