The Alchemist - Liverpool

As we had a visitor last weekend and the YM had turned 21 the week before, I booked a table at the Alchemist in Liverpool.

John and I had walked past it in December when we'd been over the the Christmas Market and Ice Festival.  It appealed to me seeing as how the YM uses chemicals every day at work.

We googled the website for details and found out that they make amazing cocktails by making them look like experiments.

They have foaming one and ones that change colour and they all look amazing.

And you can book a masterclass in cocktail making.  Hmm must remember that for future reference.

The food is what you would call "basic".  Steaks, burgers, fajitas that kind of thing but it tasted amazing and the YM said it was the best steak he'd ever had (he even ate the greens!).   

Compliment indeed.

Will we go back?  You bet.  But I'll need to save up first as the cocktails are expensive.............
but so worth it.