Withdrawal Symptoms

It's over.  The fantastic Winter Olympics is over for another four years.  Everything about it was awesome (even the ice hockey!).

As last week was half term the TV was on constantly so I could keep up-to-date with what was going on.

Here are some of my favourite bits.

:: Curling.  Lots & lots of curling.

 ::  Nico Porteous - the 16 year old from New Zealand who beat the big boys to take Bronze in the       Men's Half Pipe.  Totally awesome.

 :: The women's Ice Hockey Final.  USA v Canada.  I will admit to only watching it via the highlights.  Not sure I could watch the whole thing.  Well done USA.  First win in 20 years.

:: Billy Morgan winning Bronze in the Men's Big Air.  The oldest competitor in the competition (at 28!) but he nailed it.

:: And who could forget Marit Bjoergen.  The most decorated female athlete in Winter Olympics history with a record 15 medals spanning 16 years.  Again the oldest female (37) in the Women's Cross Country Skiing by 15 years but stormed home to a gold medal.

It's a good job I'm back to work this week.  I need something to do!!