At the weekend

This weekend we had one last flurry of snow on Saturday followed by rain on Sunday.

As it hasn't been walking weather we had to think of other things to do so on Saturday we went out and bought another car.

Why wouldn't you?  It's just a little, new to me, run around for me to get to work and back. 

I don't mind getting the bus but I do dislike the 15 minute walk from the bus stop to work, especially when it's raining or, like last week, below freezing.

I've been very lazy in the driving department over the last 18 months as hubby tends to drive everywhere when we go out.  I'm hoping this will get me back in the driving groove and get me out and about more.

Sunday was a wet and miserable day so I planned and made lunches for me to take to work next week.  I made hams and egg muffins and spicy carrot soup.

I also got in a bit of hooky time on my new blanket.  All in all a productive weekend.