The Local Area Pt1

I've been saying to hubby for months that we should get out and explore the local area more, seeing as we know live here full time and aren't just visiting.

As kids we walked the Wirral Way

The Wirral Way is a path on the track of an old railway that goes from West Kirby to Hooton in mid-Wirral offering superb views over the Dee Estuary to Wales. Originally the railway formed a circuit of Wirral and this is the missing link.

It is situated within Wirral Country Park. Wirral Country Park is a place of contrasts. Birds nest in the dense hedges or feed on the berries in winter, and you may see up to ten kinds of butterfly in summer. From the boulder-clay cliffs look out over the Dee Estuary across its 31,500 acres to the Welsh shore, 5 miles away, and on a clear day you can see the familiar outline of Moel Famau in the Clwydian Hills. The estuary's ever-changing light, broad vistas and westerly sunsets reflected in the mudflats and the sea are a constant delight.

Normally we walked it as part of a sponsored walk, as not having a car made it difficult to get there. 

Now we have a car it's a ten minute trip and the views across to Wales are lovely (except on dreich, cold and windy days).

We took a stroll through the trees

and along the cliff top (you can just see Wales in the background)

and down the steps to the beach

Thankfully we walked down them and not up!

Where, as you can see, it was lovely and warm! 

And I managed to get one startled looking photo due to my hands nearly getting frost bite when I took my gloves off to take the picture :)

We've decide we'll go back in the warmer weather.