Woodland Blanket Ta Dah!

I can't believe it only took four weeks to make.  That's the quickest I've ever completed a blanket.
It's probably due to the fact that I was doing stripes instead of granny squares.  Whilst the squares are easy enough to do, the constant changing of colours and sewing in ends adds precious time to your blanket.

Anyway, without further a do...........

Ta Dah!!

I may, or my not, have gone slightly wrong on some rows by having one or two too many stitches but a little creative fudgery got me back on track.  I'm still not keen on the brown rows but you can't unpick crochet from the bottom, like you can with knitting so it had to stay.  I just added anther row at the other end.
The blanket that Lucy at Attic 24 was making had the brown stripe mixed in a random stripe pattern so fitted perfectly.  I went for the rainbow effect and brown? not so much.

Still we live and learn and as the Amish say.... Only God makes things perfect.

It's big enough to fit across our king size bed and hang down slightly but both hubby and the YM say it's not big enough. It seem fine to me.

It's big enough to keep both hubby and me warm once the heating has gone off at night.

I've already started the next blanket.  Blues and green this time and have an idea about making a few more!!

Guess I'll be busy this year.