COVID-19 - Cancellations

I hadn't realised that we had a quite a few things planned in the next two months.

Sadly we will have to cancel/postpone them all until we have beaten this awful virus.

1.  Bodnant Gardens to see the Laburnum Arch.  It really is an amazing thing to see especially when you realise that it is 140 years old.  There's always next year.

2.  Middleport - A weekend trip to the pottery with pub lunches and walks along the canals thrown in for good measure.  We're hoping to go back in the October holidays.

3.  Carentan, Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  Sadly this is one thing we can't re-arrange.

4.  Chester Zoo to see the new baby elephant.  Riva will be huge by the time we get to see her later in the year.

5.  Les Miserables at The Lowry in Salford.  A night away meeting up with friends.  Hopefully this is being re-schedules for the beginning of next year but no dates yet.

What are you having to cancel/postpone?


  1. How disappointing to have to cancel such delightful things. I especially like that floral arch. After years of being told to live in the moment, it seems the one thing getting most of us through is the thought of "next year", although you're right, some things just cannot be seen or cherished next year, it had to have been now.

    I am most disappointed that my best friend's trip to visit with us in June, has been cancelled. Even though she is just in another province, she would still have to spend two weeks in quarantine & there's no where for that to happen.

  2. We are really disappointed not to be able to be in France in May. We've had it booked for almost a year and the family were going to stay with had family that remembered VE day. I hope you get to see your friend soon.

  3. It is a shame that there are some things which cannot just be rescheduled like your trip for the anniversary. That floral arch is absolutely spectacular, that is definitely something to do next year. I guess one thing we can take from this is that we shouldn't put things off - you can't assume that you can do them later!


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