Covid-19 - Life in Lockdown

Like many people our lives have changed from the “norm”.  Whatever that may be.   Some things have changed, and some have stayed the same. 

Things here started to change in the middle of March when hubby came home and said he had to work from home for the next 12 weeks.  We are lucky that we have space and he has his own office.  After lockdown was made official on 23 March work didn’t really change for me, I still went every day and did what was needed and occasionally got to go home early.  Once work realised that lockdown was going to go on for a while a rota system was put in place and I now work three days a week.  When I’m not working, I keep an eye on things from home.  Technology is a wonderful thing.

So what has changed and what hasn’t?


I’ve started blogging again.  I gave it up two years ago, as I was struggling with life in general, but felt that now was as good a time as any to note down my daily life, especially as life at the moment is so unusual.  I’m not a great writer and don’t use big words, my blog won’t win any prizes but it’s me.

I go out first thing every day for a walk.  Living where we do, I am limited to nature walks but make the most of what is local.  I never used to get time before work, and when I’m back full time I will miss the peace and quite at the beginning of the day.

I do a lot more dusting!  My philosophy has always been “Why dust?  It only comes back”.  I have to admit I like a dust free house so may have to keep this up once lockdown is lifted.

I’m having to cook/bake which if anyone know me at all is not something I generally do.  In fact, I avoid it at all costs.  Hubby’s workday is the same as usual so I feel that if I’m at home I should make dinner.  It’s nothing exciting, just salad and something or a pasta dish that goes in one pan but I’m doing it. 

My ironing basket is empty.  This is something that will revert back to the old ways once I’m back to work full time.  Who am I kidding?  I loath ironing and if I wasn’t so OCD about creases, I wouldn’t bother doing it 😊

What hasn’t changed?

I still get up at the same time every day, make the bed and get dressed ready for the day.  I’m not one for lying in bed till late as I feel I’ve missed most of the day and I’m certainly not one for sitting around in pjs all day.

I still practice mindfulness.  It’s something I discovered a few years ago and after a one-day presentation at work I felt it worked for me.  I write down the things I am thankful for each day however big or small.

Crochet – This will never change.  It really has kept me sane in the last few years.  It sounds silly that making something out of wool can help keep you balanced but it does.  Some people like running or reading.  I like crochet.

I’m sure there are more changes in my daily life at the moment and if I could remember them, I would note them down!!  However, I’ll leave it as it is for now and go and make a lemon drizzle cake 😊


  1. I for one am SO glad you returned to blogging. I missed your tales about life & I think you write quite well, very relatable. I am with you about dusting but needs must. Ironing, oh so rare for me (thankfully). Mindfulness & gratitude writing are things I have done before & will always do, but right now, seem so much more important. Now I must ask, have you done any scrapbooking during lockdown times?

  2. Thanks Mary-Lou. I'm enjoying the blogging again (at the moment). I have to admit that I don't scrapbook any more. It's been a combination of nowhere to work from, no motivation and crocheting too much :)

  3. I am enjoying stopping by to read your blog too - glad you are back. I am with you on the extra baking and dusting. I swore in Week 2 I would get the ironing basket caught up, but we don't need any of it, so I haven't gotten to it. Although we are in for several rainy days in a row, so that might push me into it.

  4. Hi Susanne. Rainy days are meant for relaxing and crafting. The ironing can wait :)


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