Crochet Keeps Me Sane - Pt 2

After finishing my Sophie's Universe blanket I needed something else to keep me occupied.  My friends daughter H loves my rainbow stripe blanket and snuggles under it every time she comes over.

I checked my left over stash to see if I had enough colours to do a rainbow blanket for her birthday and apart from yellow I had all I needed.  I picked a granny square pattern from my 101 Granny Squares book  and set to, making squares.

It took a few weeks but I soon had enough to put a blanket together.

Once it was blocked, I added some tassels and it was ready to be wrapped for her birthday.

Another project completed.   What was next?

To be continued.


  1. What a beautiful gift. I am sure to be treasured because you made specifically for her. I like the little puff centre of each square, gives a feeling of snuggling under a blanket of flowers.

  2. That's very pretty and the rainbow effect very appropriate for these times! I love the texture in each square, she's going to be thrilled.

  3. That looks very cozy, and pretty to boot.

  4. Thank you. She absolutely loves her blanket and her mum says she's been making her bed every day and putting her blanket on top. A good result all round.

  5. it's gorgeous!!! i adore the tassels!!!


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