Daily Walks - Bidston Moss

This is going to sound silly but I remember Bidston Moss being the landfill site!  Why would you want to walk around that?

Well it seems that back in 1995 the landfill was closed, and as it became a bit of an eyesore on the local landscape, Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority and Groundwork Wirral reclaimed the land and turned it into a nature reserve.

There is a fishing lake with carp, tench and possibly the odd eel or two, a cycle path and walks through the woods up to a viewing point where you can see Liverpool to one side and all the way over to Wales on the other.  It also grows Willow which is harvested and taken to Chester Zoo for the elephants.  

When you're walking around, listening to the birds, it's hard to believe that you are so close to the shipping docks in Birkenhead or the local recycling centre and not out in the country, miles away from the city.

If you didn't know the local area you would have no idea what the area was originally used for.


  1. That does look like a good area walk. Is that the 6'1" bearded one you spoke of yesterday??? Oh my he has grown up before our very eyes.

    There are a number of reclaimed garbage dumps near us, two have been turned into ski hills during the winter & a couple that were really old, have homes built on them. Not sure I would want to live there ...

  2. Hmm. not sure i'd want to live on one either but the ski hills are a great idea. And yes that is the bearded one :)

  3. How nice that it has been reclaimed. Some of our loveliest areas are reclaimed mining sites. Hubby is particularly fond of those with man made lakes on them, which have been stocked for fishing.

  4. How nice that something so interesting and full of nature has been made out of an area like that. Little did you know all those years ago that it would one day become a place you went to for a family walk!

  5. It's a really nice walk and once you're away from all the noise it's very calming.


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