Daily Walks - Flaybrick Memorial Gardens

Flaybrick Memorial Gardens started off life in 1864 as a municipal cemetery.  It originally had three chapels but the Roman Catholic chapel was demolished in 1971 and the Nonconformist & C of E chapels were last used in 1975 and have fallen into disrepair.

In 1990 it was designated a conservation area and in 1995 it was renamed Flaybrick Memorial Gardens.

 It is also home to 219 Commonwealth War Graves.


  1. What an interesting place for a quiet walk. Whenever I see a war grave I always feel like I want to find out more about the person. There are a couple of Australian graves in the churchyard where my parents are buried and I would like to think that their relatives know that their graves are still being cared for and are in pristine condition all these thousands of miles away.

  2. The graves are dotted about all over the cemetery. Some in pristine condition, others not so much but all still standing and being looked after by the CWGC. It's nice to know that someone is looking after them when family can't.

  3. It does look like a quiet place for those daily, much needed walks. The building(s) that is still standing, I hope they are protecting/fixing so no further collapse occurs. Interesting cut outs of the soldiers for standing guard & how wonderful that someone takes care of the war graves.

  4. The whole building is now surrounded by a fence. The cenotaph is inside the fence along with the metal soldiers so it's all protected. The local council looks after the site and a group of volunteers help keep the grounds tidy. It really is a lovely quiet place. Somewhere away from all the noise.


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