Feeling Homesick


It's a funny feeling.  Something you can't explain.  It just hits you out of the blue and you don't know where it came from.

Yesterday I just felt sad that we weren't in Scotland anymore.

I suddenly missed the scenic beauty of the local area, the river Spey and the beaches. 

I missed our old home.

I missed our friends.

I wanted to go HOME.


  1. What a beautiful photo - is that Millbuies? I would be homesick for such a spot. Maybe because right now everything is not of our making, so we want to go back to comfort & just maybe homesickness is one of those side affects of isolation. I'm sure it won't be long before you can take a weekend away to Millbuies. Someone suggested that you write down all the things you feel inclined to do right now - then once lockdowns are lifted or less strict, those lists become your Summer Bucket List.

  2. It is Millbuies. We used to walk our black lab, Moss round and round the loch. I really miss it (and him). I like the idea of making a list and doing everything on it once we're out of lockdown.


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