Rock Hunting

A kind hearted, and talented person has scattered over 100 painted rocks and slate over Bidston Hill.  They left a message at the foot of the windmill and invited passersby to see how many they could spot.

Bidston Hill covers 100 acres of paths and woodland. 
We managed to find three on our way back home.  

The challenge now is to find more on our next walk.

It's such a great idea and gets you looking at your surroundings whilst you hunt for rocks.

I just hope people haven't taken the rocks home and have left them for other to find and enjoy.


  1. Well, that's a lot of fun. How thoughtful of someone to share those. I need to get out and walk a lot more.

  2. Hi Susanne. It's such a good idea. We'v seen pebbles on the local prom before but never on Bidston Hill.

  3. Those are some very arty rocks. We have many of the kids in the neighbourhood painting rocks & leaving for us to find. It's a fun way to enliven the now routine neighbourhood walk.

  4. such a great idea!! we see similar things on a much smaller scale. so fun and so creative!!


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