A Bit of a Moan

Apologies for moaning but I just have to say this.

Is it just me or do some people think that we’re back to normal already?  

This is not social distancing!

Formby Beach 25.5.20 - Liverpool Echo.


At home we have been sticking to the rules set by the Government in regard to staying home, social distancing etc and we haven’t seen family or friends for months so it really winds me up when others just don’t seem to care.

Neighbours at the back of us had 11 people round for a birthday BBQ last weekend!!  ELEVEN!!!  All sat in the garden having a lovely time. 

Another family of 9 took up the whole of the prom when out for a walk which meant not only those walking, but those out on bikes or out for a run couldn’t get past.  They just didn’t seem to care that they were blocking the way for others.

Do they not realise that people are still dying from this virus and it could go on for months?

I’d like nothing better than to travel to York to stay with family and give them all a hug, but I know that I’m not supposed to, so I don’t.  Do I miss them?  You bet I do but it's worth the wait to keep them safe.

Moan over  😊


  1. It's so hard to see people around you ignoring the rules isn't it? I hate to think that these impatient people are going to cause a second lockdown. I would have been incensed to see a large bbq gathering in someone's back garden - we have a neighbour who regularly has family in and out of her house and it is making me more cross every day - why does she think she can openly flaunt the rules? We are lucky that our daughter and family live close so a quick chat with them on the front lawn and us at the front door means we do feel as if we still have contact, but I would never invite them into the house!

  2. I was really cross for the whole day even though I know that there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe hubby will put a tall fence up and then I won't be able to see what they're up too :)

  3. Liz I think situations like this photo scene happened all over the world this past weekend. It seemed to be of a certain age & I know that not all of that age group are disregarding the rules. I too was very ticked at these thoughtless covidiots ! Toronto's Health Minister said just because you cannot see the virus doesn't mean it isn't there among you - now if it were scorpions we warned you were in the grass, that park would have been empty.

    Can you imagine if in London during WWII some people said "oh I don't want to turn off my lights, don't mess with MY freedoms" ...

  4. I did laugh at that last sentence :0) But you're right. I often wonder how we compare to war time Britain. I think that the people then would have thought we were all spoiled brats!!


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