Chester Zoo

This is one of my favourite places to visit.  

After my illness a few years ago, I find I still have good days and bad days.  Going to Chester Zoo helps me relax and re-charge. 

I love the giraffes, and the two babies (who will be huge by the time we next see them) keep you entertained with their antics, but my most favourite are the Aardvarks.  I just love their long noses and big feet.  According to the keepers their noses are soft as velvet even though the rest of them are wiry and rough. 

The only problem is they are always asleep when we go so we will just have to go later in the day and hope they are up and about.

You can read more about the zoo and how it's helping with conservation here.


  1. Is Chester one of the zoos that is offering Virtual Tours? It would be lovely to be able to catch up with the animals from the comfort of your own living room!

  2. What a great place to visit either in person or by virtual tour. So important to have a place that relives you, calms you & heals your spirit. I may have a tour later today of your Chester Zoo.

    The Toronto Zoo was celebrating the birth of a giraffe yesterday, who they have nick named Long Legs.

  3. They are having a virtual day tomorrow from 10.30am. You can find it on Youtube. I watched my Aardvarks on the last one :)


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